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Our Most Popular Plastering Services

Internal Walls

All internall walls are plastered to a high standards.


We pride ourselfs on doing the best possible job we can do everytime

Artex Removal 

Adjustable trestles may be used with planks to reach high ceilings & walls.


Then 2 Coats of Thistle plaster will be applied.

Internal Ceilings

All ceilings are prepared before plastering, with a coat of PVA.


Then applied with 2 coats of Thistle multi finish plaster.

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Plastering Pontypridd

plastering Pontypridd Plasterers Pontypridd

Pontypridd Plastering Services


  • Plastering Internal Ceiling & Walls
  • Artex Removal & Re-skim
  • Ceiling repairs and replacement
  • Dot & Dab Plaster-boarding
  • External Rendering
  • External K-Render & Weber Rendering
  • Professional guidance and advice
  • Fully insured and Guaranteed work



Pontypridd Plasterers are a high skilled plastering company with years of experience in the plastering industry, all our plasterers are city & guild qualified  


We appreciate that plastering can be a messy job so we will always do our best to keep any mess to a minimum.


We will supply waterproof dust sheets to protect your carpet and floors we pride ourselves on a clean, tidy, and professional service and we endeavor to leave every job as clean and as tidy as possible and to create the minimum disturbance to you and your home when all work is being carried out.


We will talk you through every step of the plastering job and you can ask us any questions you may have we go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

Plastering Pontypridd & South Wales

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Plasterers Pontypridd

Pontypridd Plasterers Plastering Pontypridd

Pontypridd Plastering

Internal Walls & Ceilings


All walls & ceilings are prepared before plastering, with a coat of PVA then applied with 2 coats of BRITISH GYPSUM THISTLE MULTI FINISH PLASTER 2mm thick.


  • First Trowel

Once the second coat of plaster has been applied and given enough time to start setting the first trowel will be applied filling in any marks or blemishes along the way.


  • Second Trowel

The plaster will be left alone to set more, then the Second trowel will be applied after cleaning around the edges, water will be applied to the wall or ceiling while troweling the area making the wall smooth while removing any blemishes left in the plaster Pontypridd Plasterer


  • Thrid Trowel

The third trowel is applied with minimal water & more pressure smoothing the wall as the plastering trowel glides over the plaster.


  • Finishing/Hard Trowel

This is the fourth and final trowel, Not all plasterers give their wall a hard trowel but Pontypridd plastering always applies a finishing trowel to our work. The plaster will be completely set & solid, with no water applied,  the hard trowel will make the wall or ceiling super smooth.


We understand that plastering is a messy job so we will provide waterproof sheets to protect your carpets or floor & always keep mess to a minimum


All our plastering work is complete to the highest standers no matter the size for the job, big or small.

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