How to Find A Good Reliable Plasterer How To Find A Good Reliable Plasterer



Sometimes it's hard to find a good plasterer theses days with so many plastering companies out there.


So if you are struggling to find a good but local plasterer here are some helpful tips to find a good plasterer.


Tips on finding a good plasterer



  • Always get more than one plastering quote​

Now I know you have heard this one a million times but there is a good reason for it, getting more that one quote does more than just save you money it helps you to get to know the plasterer you may potentially end up hiring.


Things like if they seem reliable & trust-worthy even simple things like if you could get along with this person you may hire, this is essential if you have a large project that may last weeks.


By meeting the plasterer in person you simply get to know them more than you ever could by over the phone or sites like my builder & check a trade



  • Check out their reviews on their site and other sites


Always check out the plasterer's website and any other websites they may be on this is probably the easiest check you can do, we all have computers and smartphones these days and with a few simple clicks you can find out a lot about the plasterer you may hire.


Look for reviews and spent some time reading as many as you can read the bad ones and the good ones, also some sites can even verify customer review to find out if they're fake or real, if a lot of reviews say unverified then stay well clear of that plasterer because he may be making lots of fake reviews.


Also check how many reviews a plastering company has because if they only have a small amount they may not have been trading for very long, however, this doesn't mean they're a bad plasterer, it just means there aren't enough reviews for you to make a good decision on hiring them or not.



  • Ask your Friends & Family


This is probably my number one tip, asking your friends & family if they know a good plastering company in the Cardiff or Newport area will be your best bet on finding a reliable and trustworthy plasterer.


Think about it, your family or friends are not going to lie to you if they do know a good plasterer because they want to help you out like most friends & family members they care about you and wouldn't want you to have a rubbish plasterer.


The chances are that someone has already had plastering work done before in the past and if they were happy with the plasterer they would recommend that plasterer in a heart beat to anyone as a good plasterer is worth his weight in gold, plus you can simply get a quote and make your decision from there if you like him or not.


Hawk Plastering Contractors How To Find A Good Reliable Plasterer


  • If you're not happy if your plasterer, tell him!​


Once you have found a plasterer you are happy with and have done all the check and ask friends & family plus you are happy with the price, it doesn't mean your job is done and all you have to do is just sit back and wait for the work to be done, far from it.


It's time to be checking on your plasterer and see if he is doing the job correctly and not cutting corners, make sure he always puts two coats of plaster on your walls and ceilings and if your plasterer is using one coat plaster make sure he takes his time to make your ceiling or walls great.


If he is leaving a mess and not cleaning up after himself at the end of the working day, say something to him or if you're not happy with the quality of the plastering, if there is a lot of marks in the plaster or the wall feels really rough and uneven, tell him your not happy with the quality of their plastering.


Don't worry about offending your plasterer all good plasterers should listen, to what their customers are saying and try their best to make them happy, plus it is your home and you're the one who is going to be living with it at the end of the day.


If you can think of any useful tips on finding good tradesmen please leave a comment below. 


If you follow these simple tips on how to find a good plasterer you should be just fine.


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  • Thomas (Saturday, September 02 17 11:42 am BST)

    I hired a plasterer & he did a shit job on my walls

    I didn't look area I just got one cheap quote.

    I suppose it's my own fault but i learned my lesson and won't be doing that again

  • David (Thursday, August 31 17 11:48 pm BST)

    Great Post i enjoyed reading very help too me thanks

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