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Date 04/09/17


This job in Cwmbran was a lovely plastering job on a new build site, In the picture, you can see this will be where the stairs will be & this is the attic room which is already plastered and the painters have already painted the walls.


If you would like to read how I completed this job in more detail please read below.


  • First Trowel

Once the second coat of plaster has been applied and given enough time to start setting the first trowel will be applied filling in any marks or blemishes along the way.


  • Second Trowel

Plaster will be left alone to set more, then the Second trowel will be applied after cleaning around the edges, water will be applied to the wall or ceiling while troweling the area making the wall smooth while removing any blemishes left in the plaster.


  • Third Trowel

The third trowel is applied with minimal water & more pressure smoothing the wall as the plastering trowel glides over the plaster.


  • Finishing/Hard Trowel

This is the fourth and final trowel, Not all plasterers give their wall a hard trowel but Hawk Plastering Cwmbran always applies a finishing trowel to our work. The plaster will be completely set & solid, with no water applied,  the hard trowel will make the wall or ceiling super smooth.


Job finished

Thank you for Reading

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